How to Avoid Fake Diet Pills

When it comes to taking Fruta Planta it is important to know how to avoid fake diet pills. This is because the fake Fruta Planta, is claiming to be the real Fruta Planta and they are not. What you will read below will explain to you why they are not the real and original diet supplements and how you can tell the difference.

Fake Fruta Planta Banned By The FDA

There are many amateur videos by those using the Fruta Planta online, raving about how it works. Most of these are being encouraged by the makers of fake Fruta Planta pills from China. They claim that they are the authentic and original formula. But even though they do contain all the ingredients of the original, they have one hidden ingredient, Sibutramine.

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What is Sibutramine? It is an FDA Banned drug here in the United States since 2010. Up until that time Sibutramine was used in weight loss pills because it helps the user to lose weight without really exercising. It does this by increasing your metabolism to dangerously high levels and has been linked to an increase in cardiovascular problems and strokes.

If you look at the website of the supposed authentic Fruta Planta they claim on their home page that you will “lose weight naturally without ever stepping foot in a gym!” Really!? How can that be possible unless there is something else included. Even Fruta Planta USA recommends that in addition to taking the supplement that an increased level of physical activity will give you the best results.

How To Tell The Difference

When you take Fruta Planta USA you know you are taking the all-natural weight loss pills that DO NOT have Sibutramine in them. How can you be sure? I am glad you asked. Let me point out what is Fruta Planta USA and what it is not, by showing you the differences below.

• Has no known side effects when taken as suggested
• Is made in the United States of America
• The box says 100% Pure Natural (NOTE: The word Natural)
• Is made inside an FDA regulated facility by American Generic Labs
• Offers a Refund within 30 days

• Lists on their website the following side effects – Dry Mouth, Trouble Sleeping, and Constipation. All three of these are side effects of Sibutramine. They also list Sensitive Teeth and Rash. With these two they say that the company has not confirmed them.
• This Fruta Planta is made in China
• The box says 100% Pure Nature (NOTE: It does NOT say Natural. That is because anything sold in the United States that is not 100% Natural cannot use the word Natural)
• Is not approved by the FDA and is made by GuangZhou Yanxiang Biotechnology Co. Ltd. China
• Does NOT offer a money back guarantee

How To Avoid Fake Diet Pills 2

Be Sure Of Safety With Fruta Planta USA

When it comes to weight loss and putting anything into your body, it is vital to know how to avoid fake diet pills. When you take Fruta Planta USA you are assured that you are getting the real original Fruta Planta without any deceptive wording on its box or advertisement. Fruta Planta USA is not made in China, which has come under the spotlight with other questionable products that have been found to be harmful to your health.

Just the name of Fruta Planta USA, tells you right away that it is not made in China, but rather made in an FDA Compliant facility by American Generic Labs in the United States. Unlike the fake variety, the box is clearly marked and comes with easy to read English text. There is no reason to worry with the USA variety because it is truly All Natural.

So if you want to take the All-Natural and Original Authentic 100% Pure Natural Fruta Planta USA, check out the suggested use instructions on the Home page. If you are not 100% satisfied with Fruta Planta USA you may return the unused portion for a full refund, exclusive of shipping charges, within 30 days of purchase.