When it comes to losing weight you have many options, but most people cannot find the easiest solution. This is where Fruta Planta USA can help. There are many factors that go into the weight loss process, such as diet and exercise. However for some people, with their busy always on the go schedules, just doing diet and exercise may not be enough.

Natural Weight Loss Supplements That Work

Fruta Planta USA Home 1For those people that need that extra help in losing that unwanted weight, you want to make sure you take something that is all natural, because your body’s metabolism will react favorably to it. Fruta Planta USA is the Original All Natural Formula that incorporates traditional Chinese Medicine laws of nature, providing the benefits of fruits, plants, and herbs.

This formula is thousands of years old and only the Fruta Planta made exclusively in the USA, continues to use the all-natural ingredients. You may be asking yourself, is Fruta Planta and Fruta Planta USA the same? No they are not and you can read why here. The Fruta Planta made in the United States is produced in an FDA Compliant facility.

What Will Fruta Planta USA Offer Me?

• It Increases Metabolism
• It provides Energy & Focus
• It gives you the Original All Natural Formula
• The box contain a full 30 Day Supply
• You only need to take One Capsule Per Day

Fruta Planta USA Home 2

Suggested Use

• Take One Capsule with eight ounces of water, 45 minutes prior to your first meal
• After taking Fruta Planta USA for about a month, experienced users may take a second capsule after 6 hours
• Do not exceed 2 capsules in a 24 hour period
• For optimal weight loss results combine with a reduced calorie diet & increased level of physical activity